The Story

Lord Shiva Is Back In Kalyug As Azastru To Fight The Evil You Are Presented With The Opportunity To Be The Lord Himself

The C Zone

In the jungle of Amazon, an explorer and his friend – archeologist (Mr. Saunders) find themselves in a secret zone which is beyond their imagination. The zone is headed by world famous scientist, Norman. The zone is utterly secretive and known as C – Zone where the innocent subjects are experimented to unethical biological advancement. The explorer and Mr. Saunders secretly try to collect the evidence so that they can expose the evil to the world however, in the process they are captured. Mr. Saunders manages to escape while the explorer himself becomes a subject to the experiment. Days later Mr. Saunders is tracked in New York and murdered before He could expose the horrifying facts about a secretive C zone. His daughter Ellie Saunders, intrigued by the mystery, decides to uncover the truth behind her father’s death. Will Ellie uncover the C Zone? Follow us to find out more.

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